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E-mail Filter

E-mail is the life line to most business communications, and hackers know this. It’s why E-mail is such a popular vehicle for hackers to initiate their attacks. Most people have heard about phishing attacks but are not aware what to look for, and with Spear Phishing (a more targeted attack on a certain business) becoming more frequent, it’s starting to get extremely difficult to differentiate between genuine e-mails and potential threat e-mails. Which is why having a SPAM filter will heavily reduce risk of a user unintentionally allowing threats to attack your IT Systems.

Our SPAM filter sits in the cloud and act as a gateway to your e-mail server. It will be the first point of entry and the last point of exit for all business emails. This enables us to stop most of the threatening e-mails before they even hit your network. It will also enable us to identify any potential viruses on internal devices sending out unauthorised emails. In addition it will save resources on your internet line and email server, not having to deal with processing large numbers of unwanted data, as well as saving user’s time not having to delete or mark unwanted email as junk. The users will get a daily email showing all threats which have been quarantined, and give them the option to release any false positives, ensuring you won’t miss any important emails.

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