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Transition to Virtualisation can provide huge benefits.

Virtualisation technology has been around for more than a decade, yet many in the industry still consider it a ‘new’ technology. But, those who have already adopted the technology have grown to believe they can’t live without it. The transition to virtualising your server infrastructure can provide some huge benefits to businesses, below are just some of them.

Increased uptime

Virtualisation software now has many advanced features which enable a virtual server to be split across multiple physical servers for either load balancing (Distributed Resource Scheduling feature) or redundancy (fault-tolerant or high-availability feature). These features enable fast or instant recovery in the event of hardware failure. For example, if the power supply in your server dies, virtualisation technology will move the virtual server onto other hardware – little or no downtime.

Disaster recovery

As mentioned in the increased uptime section above, the servers running critical business applications are no longer physically bound to a piece of hardware. In the event of a disaster, recovering servers require new, identical hardware. If different hardware is sourced, this means a complete rebuild of the system is required before data /application recovery can take place. With virtualised servers, you can take the virtual server and simply move this onto any physical hardware capable of running it. The server will be up in the exact same form it was before the hardware failure.

Cost savings

There are many returns on investment with virtualisation, the main one being the running costs of a physical server. For example, three servers virtualised onto one physical server would result in savings on electricity, maintenance and upgrades. In addition, not having to purchase three physical servers when you only need one also greatly reduces capital expenditure. In one instance, we have successfully virtualised 103 servers down to just 17 physical servers, resulting in huge savings for the business, plus better performance and availability.

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