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11 February 2020 | 6:21 pm

Office 365 is great. Its really taken off over the past couple of years. Thanks for the affordable plans and the abundance of marketing from Microsoft.

But most business are not utilizing all the features. Some are even using it just for the Office package.

Depending on the plan you’re on. There are some great tools bundled in with Office 365. Here’s a few of the popular ones:


The cloud storage application that offers you 1TB of cloud storage per user. You can use this a number of ways, such as local computer backup, shared file backup, or a way to share data with external companies. The program is built-into Windows 10, so if you have the service on your plan, why not utilize it?


Sharepoint is a cloud application designed to enable collaboration with both users and customers. By integrating business processes using Microsoft InfoPath forms and workflows, SharePoint has the capability to streamline business processes and whilst allowing users to work in a more productive and modern way.


Replacing Skype for Business, Teams is Microsoft’s latest chat based collaboration tool. It allows you to easily and quickly communicate with single members of the business, departments or the whole business. It ties in with OneDrive and Sharepoint for sharing files and also allows for a modern way of working.

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