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Business infrastructure is the backbone for all business technology. Liit offer a comprehensive range of services to implement and manage your business Infrastructure and Cloud Services. Click below for more information...

VDI / DaaS

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop as a Service is a Windows 10 themed machine delivered from the Cloud. With Liit VDIs, you are free to install and use as you normally would your own Windows 10 desktop. It gives you the freedom to add performance and resources without having to upgrade any hardware.

How do they work?

We are all familiar with desktop or laptop machines – you probably use one daily. It’s the physical machine you use to carry out your work, which connects you to the network and server. A Cloud desktop has exactly the same functionality, but it’s hosted ‘in the Cloud’. This means you can connect to your Windows 10 machine from anywhere and with any device.

VDIs allow you to have unlimited access to a Windows 10 machine, which run in our Cloud. You can quickly connect from multiple devices and locations to your fully functional Windows desktop. The technology we use enables you to print and use USB devices attached to your local device. All of your data is stored securely at our datacenters and the connection is fully encrypted, ensuring your data is never compromised.

There are multiple options available, allowing you to share data seamlessly with other members of the organisation, such as shared storage and application servers.

The benefit of built-in disaster recovery and compliance

Without VDI, if your laptop were stolen, all of your local data, programs, settings, favourites, etc., would be lost with it. You may have a back-up, but the important data would be compromised and could easily fall into the wrong hands.

With a VDI, the device you use to access won’t hold any of that important data, or have your programs installed, making it a secure and simple solution in the event of a theft or disaster. Whatsmore, in the event of a disaster and your physical IT systems were out of action, you can connect to your Cloud Desktop via any web browser, to always keep your business operational.

Backup for Microsoft 365 / G Suite / Salesforce

People delete data. Mostly accidentally, sometimes intentionally. And there is the ever-present threat of ransomware and other malware. Microsoft 365 provides redundancy, but that only ensures the availability of the present state of the data. It does not back up the data to protect against data loss events.

Data loss is costly. Cyber security firm ‘Kaspersky Labs’ published results from a recent survey on the cost of data breaches to businesses worldwide. Their findings were; the average cost of data loss from enterprises amounted to $1.23 million (£1 million) and $120,000 (£98,500) for small businesses, a 36% increase in last year alone.

That means that even in the Cloud, data protection is necessary.
Liit Cloud Backup is an Office 365 / G Suite / Salesforce backup solution that backs up your Cloud based data including:


for Business

for Business



Hosted Email

Email is crucial for any business and still is the most common form of communication. It’s important to have a secure, reliable email platform for your business, and Microsoft’s 365 Exchange® presents the perfect solution. Microsoft’s 365 Exchange® gives organisations the benefits of using the world-leading email platform, without having to invest in costly internal infrastructure and licensing.

Microsoft’s 365 Exchange® is the world’s foremost business email system, enabling communication and collaboration for many of the biggest global organisations. It enhances company productivity through numerous advanced features, such as real-time-synchronised email, files, calendars and contacts. Full mobile access on handheld devices, advanced web mail and shared calendars are only some of the features available with Hosted Exchange®.

Hybrid Infrastructure

This involves combining traditional on-premise IT with private and public Cloud. There are many reasons businesses adopt a hybrid environment, these can include:

  • Budgets: It’s not yet financially viable to adopt a full Cloud solution
  • Speed: Certain applications or services require on-premise presence to reduce latency
  • Application limitations: A required application is not designed to run in a Cloud environment
  • Fault-tolerance: Having an on-premise solution as part of your disaster recovery or to provide fault tolerance to the business systems.

Whatever the reason may be, a hybrid infrastructure is today’s most common form of IT adaptation, providing an environment with secure end-to-end encryption. It needs to be robust, having the capacity and the resilience to keep the business operational and it needs to be affordable.

Our team of Cloud specialists are on hand to assist with the assessment, implementation and ongoing support. Experienced in working with multiple Cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and many more, we can deliver the right solution for your business requirements.

Datacenter Hosting

Liit can offer various options for datacenter hosting. Many businesses are still required to own and control their own data, applications and hardware, but would like to remove the risk of having the infrastructure on-premise. Datacenter hosting can offer resilience from power and internet outages and vastly increased security around the physical location of the hardware, plus a reduced risk of a disaster such as a flood of fire.

Liit has a wealth of experience in delivering and managing datacenter migrations and hosting. Our team consists of members who have led high profile migrations for the Government, universities and the MoD.

Migration Services

Migrating to the Cloud, a datacenter or simply upgrading existing equipment; Liit has a dedicated migrations team for each requirement.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure platform is the most popular option for SME’s utilising Cloud solutions. Common uses for Azure services include Virtual Redundant Servers, Database hosting, Application hosting and storage. We help you identify the requirements, build a technology strategy based on that requirement, and develop the implementation plans and budgets that will deliver the best Cloud solution.

In addition to Cloud Servers, Azure’s Active Directory allows control of the IT estate without the need to have any on-premise servers. Control user accounts, groups, security policies and much more with Azure Active Directory.

Our Azure specialists are available for ad-hoc projects and on-going support.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS helps organisations effectively manage the use and security of their mobile endpoints. It’s very easy to implement and takes just a couple of minutes to get started on.

Most organisations work hard and invest heavily in protection for their workstations and PCs – rightfully so. But securing mobile devices is equally important as they include a lot of sensitive data.

Our MDM solution has various features that help you to ensure security and compliance on all your mobile devices easily and cost-efficiently. Furthermore, efficient mobile device management enables your employees to work without interruptions.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Secure data and devices

A lost device doesn’t have to mean lost data. MDM helps you manage IT risks by offering an effective way to safeguard your devices and the data they carry. You can enforce safe passcodes, screen locks, work profiles, and containers, and encrypt all confidential content. Mobile Device Management software also helps your organisation become and stay compliant with increasing data protection regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Manage devices cost-efficiently

You can manage company-wide device enrollment cost-efficiently, saving up to 30 minutes per device. Our clients report significant cost savings thanks to the flexible need-based, pay-as-you-go licensing model.

Save time with IT automation

Mobile device management translates into online efficiency and security. New device roll-outs are fast and efficient by automation. You can save time and money by deploying business policies, automating installations and patch management, and enforcing configurations, applications and more. Disposing manual tasks will reduce human errors and help ensure compliance and secure use of mobile devices.

Increase visibility

MDM pulls hundreds of data points from managed devices and translates the data into easy-to-understand yet insightful reports and visual dashboards. Comprehensive and real-time analytics lets you make informed decisions, know your devices inside out and manage security risks.

Cloud Server / IaaS

Cloud Server is an out-of-the-box fixed cost server solution. It provides a flexible and reliable solution that’s available with optional VPN and Backup.

The perfect replacement for end of life servers

Public Cloud solutions are now affordable, scalable and reliable for businesses of all sizes. But many SMEs still rely on on-site servers. If you’re still using an outdated on-site server like Windows Server 2008/R2 that’s end of life, Cloud Server is the perfect replacement.

Real world uses for Cloud Servers can range from:

  • Hosting critical business applications
  • Centralising the services of multiple-site businesses
  • Public services or applications that require bursts of resources on demand (such as a booking system)
  • Cloud first businesses with no on-premise hardware

Whatever the business case may be, our team of Cloud specialists are on hand to assist with the assessment, implementation and ongoing support. Experienced in working with multiple Cloud vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and many more, we can deliver the right solution for your business requirements.