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Internet & Telephony

Liit offer a comprehensive range of internet and telephony connectivity through a variety of trusted providers. Our services are all fully managed which gives our clients a simple ‘one point of contact’ for all their IT and communications.

Leased Lines / Fibre Connectivity

With the ever growing reliance on Cloud services, internet connectivity is crucial to most businesses. Liit can provide Broadband and MPLS services including Leased Lines, Point to Point, EFM, FTTP, FTTC, ADSL and Satellite from suppliers including Zen, Gamma, Talk Talk, Daisy, Vitual1, Metronet and Exponential-e. We can offer a fully managed solution with a single point of contact for simple management. Our team of experts can work through the various options available to your business and always get you the best market rates.

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Managed VoIP / SIP Trunks

Through our relationship with BT Openreach, we are able to offer our clients the full range of analogue and ISDN lines and network features; whether it's new installations, transferring or converting existing services which are fully backed up by our 24/7 service centre to cover all service levels.

Carrier independence means we only have supply agreements with Gamma, Vodafone, Talk Talk and BT Wholesale. Our open book policy on supplier pricing allows our clients to maximise budgets.

Number translation services
We have full access to the iNet Goliath platform with full geographic and non-geographic number ranges. The platform resides inside the BT 21CN IP exchange and through BT we have full number porting arrangements with other carriers. Goliath is a multi-featured resilient platform providing not only straight forward A to B call routing, but enhanced functionality with features such as call recording, caller ID, auto attendant (IVR), call queuing, hunt groups, dynamic call routing and audio conferencing.

SIP Trunks
We offer SIP Trunks from Gamma and INet. SIP Trunks now represent a very viable and popular alternative to ISDN services. SIP Trunks are ideal for keeping historic numbers when customers relocate, require multi-site networks or seek disaster recovery solutions.

Hosted telephony
We can provide our clients with hosted telephony as an alternative to traditional PBX systems. Many businesses are turning to hosted solutions to benefit from a scalable service that can be multi-sited, while providing a private telephony network to ensure the effective management of inbound and outbound calls. Hosted Telephony also delivers home working, uniform number plans, call recording, free call bundles and an increasing number of features. We can offer a choice of fully featured offerings from both Gamma and iNet, with full training and installation support as standard.

MS Teams Voice

Businesses already using Microsoft Teams to collaborate for the business often overlook the functionality to use Teams as a phone system. The feature rich phone feature has the same options as most phone systems, including Hunt groups, automated answering and call recording. There are many options for external carriers to be utilised to keep costs competitive and you can also port your existing number into the Teams phone system.

Mobile Tariffs

We can offer single user and sharer tariffs from 02, Vodafone, EE and Gamma. We have access to all equipment from the leading manufacturers including Apple and Samsung. Our support team can help you build the right package and provide you with bill analysis and quotations.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS helps organisations effectively manage the use and security of their mobile endpoints. It’s very easy to implement and takes just a couple of minutes to get started on.

Most organisations work hard and invest heavily in protection for their workstations and PCs – rightfully so. But securing mobile devices is equally important as they include a lot of sensitive data.

Our MDM solution has various features that help you to ensure security and compliance on all your mobile devices easily and cost-efficiently. Furthermore, efficient mobile device management enables your employees to work without interruptions.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Secure data and devices

A lost device doesn’t have to mean lost data. MDM helps you manage IT risks by offering an effective way to safeguard your devices and the data they carry. You can enforce safe passcodes, screen locks, work profiles, and containers, and encrypt all confidential content. Mobile Device Management software also helps your organisation become and stay compliant with increasing data protection regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Manage devices cost-efficiently
You can manage company-wide device enrolment cost-efficiently, saving up to 30 minutes per device. Our clients report significant cost savings thanks to the flexible need-based, pay-as-you-go licensing model.

Save time with IT automation
Mobile device management translates into online efficiency and security. New device roll-outs are fast and efficient by automation. You can save time and money by deploying business policies, automating installations and patch management, and enforcing configurations, applications and more. Disposing manual tasks will reduce human errors and help ensure compliance and secure use of mobile devices.

Increase visibility
MDM pulls hundreds of data points from managed devices and translates the data into easy-to-understand yet insightful reports and visual dashboards. Comprehensive and real-time analytics lets you make informed decisions, know your devices inside out and manage security risks.