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Getting the best energy quote is more than simply checking prices on the internet. For example, not all suppliers publish business prices and many of the best tariffs are not available online. We will get prices and tariffs from all the major UK suppliers to secure the best deal. Did you know that when a business leaves its premises to relocate, any existing contracts will automatically end; they will not carry over to a new site. Many businesses are unaware of this and are therefore moved onto “out of contract” rates until a new supply contract is signed. These rates can be up to three times as expensive as contracted prices. Save money and hassle by ensuring that your move is fully covered. We can manage the whole process, avoiding confusion and over-priced bills.

Liit keeps a close eye on the energy markets and will advise the best time for you to either extend the existing contract or switch ahead to a new supplier to take advantage of favourable market conditions. Continuous contact with the market and all major suppliers ensures we secure the best prices.

For larger energy users, Liit offers a range of specialised portfolio and bespoke procurement solutions, enabling you to manage your energy price even when markets are highly volatile.

We use an industry-leading energy management platform which provides unlimited energy reporting and secure data storage and management. By accurately collecting, storing and evaluating energy data, customers are able to make better informed decisions regarding energy usage to measure performance, reduce excessive consumption, and subsequently save time and money.

Smart meters are a business requirement for all meters by 2020. They reduce costs by ensuring accurate data collection of usage. We can help organise installation for you to save money and rid inaccurate billing.