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Microsoft's 365 platform is very popular with businesses of all sizes, with affordable solutions for Cloud email, file storage and collaboration tools. Liit has a dedicated team who can help provision the right Microsoft 365 support for the requirement, migrate data to the platform, secure the data and the users and provide on-going support.

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Liit has migrated over 2,000 users to the 365 platform, ranging from email to SharePoint and Teams Services. We can work with businesses to ensure the transition is carried out as smoothly as possible, with minimal downtime and impact on the business. We are aware of the common issues that most businesses face when migrating to 365.






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365 Setup and Configuration

Microsoft 365 is fast becoming the standard for businesses. The setup and configuration of the platform is becoming more complex and vast and if not implemented correctly, could result in access issues, mail flow issues or data breaches. Our dedicated 365 team is on hand to assist with the setup and configuration of your 365 estate. We can ensure it's safe, the users can access data, and it is set up in a way the business is resilient to any potential failures.

MS Teams VoIP

Microsoft's Teams platform has replaced Skype for business and Lync as the standard collaboration tool, but there's much more to Teams than just group chat. You can hold video conferencing, edit documents live within a group or share files quickly and easily between other members. Teams can incorporate your business phone system, saving your business the capital overhead of running and maintaining phones and phone systems.

SharePoint Online

Microsoft 365's SharePoint is the answer to replacing your file servers. Businesses can access data usually held on an in-house server in the same way they currently do, but, with the added benefit of being Cloud based, it's accessible anywhere from any internet enabled device. If you are using Microsoft 365 for email, the natural path for data files is to utilise SharePoint 365 to become a fully Cloud based solution.

Centralised Email Signatures

Email signatures are an important aspect of business emails. Not only do they reflect the business branding and professionalism, but they also have the all important disclaimers which all businesses should have. Creating, managing and policing email signatures used to be a time intensive and woeful task. Liit Signatures for 365 make standardising company signatures fast and easy, and are applied directly from 365 which means all signatures are the same, regardless of the device the email is sent from.

365 Security

The Microsoft 365 platform is one of the most targeted platforms on the internet by hackers. Millions of bots exist purely to try and gain access to user accounts in order to initiate high level scams, apply ransomware or to lock the business out from its data. There are many aspects to using Microsoft 365 securely, which all businesses should be applying as best practice to keep its data as secure as possible. Liit offers a range of software and services to set up security and counter the threat of data breaches. Being proactive rather than reactive in security could mean saving thousands in litigation expenses if your data is stolen and sold on the dark web. Or, a loss of productivity if the business succumbs to ransomware or being shut out of their system.

Backup for Microsoft 365 / G Suite / Salesforce

Business users of the cloud platform provided by Microsoft 365, Google G Suite or Salesforce automatically expect their data to be backed up just because it is in the cloud. In some instances, they are correct and some of these services do provide a basic backup, but this will not cover your business against many of the common data loss causes. People delete or overwrite data.

This can be done either accidentally or intentionally. If you don't notice that the data is not there within a relatively short period of time, that data will be lost forever. Then there is the ever-present threat of ransomware, other malware and hacks, which can live in systems undetected for long periods of time all whilst causing issues to data and data access.

You can also be presented with situations where if the platform you are using has an outage for long periods of time and you're not able to access your data.

That means that even in the Cloud, data protection is necessary.
Liit Cloud Backup is an Office 365 / G Suite / Salesforce backup solution that backs up your Cloud based data including:


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