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1 February 2024 | 10:43 am

When new clients come on board to us at Lost in IT, the most common reason cited is that their previous IT support no longer met their needs and expectations.
Changing IT services can be daunting. Most businesses are reliant on IT for their core systems and day-today running. A concern for a lot of business owners when considering changing IT providers is the internal business knowledge the current providers hold, especially if they’ve been in place for some time.
You may be worried that key information and documentation could be lost in the move, or left behind in the hands of the previous support company. In our experience this rarely happens.


Don’t put up with poor service – make the change and rest assured that we have made it simple and straightforward to switch to us.
As an experienced IT provider, we have the skills to fill any gaps and can quickly understand what you require. We can quickly get up to speed in the intricacies of your current system and, crucially, in your particular area of business. We’ll harness our experience and knowledge to ensure a soft landing in the transition period.


A good IT support package is the backbone of any business. And we understand that price is a big factor when it comes to considering any new supplier. We find that lots of businesses are resigned to staying with their current provider, despite poor service, due to worry over cost. Ultimately it costs their business more in the long run, both financially and in terms of time spent managing a bad relationship.


Let’s look at how simple switching is:

– We use Remote Monitoring and Management which means switching providers will be a streamlined process as there are only a handful of these available and we utilise 2 of them.
– We work with the industry-standard Microsoft 365 suites of services, including licensing. All that’s required for the change is a simple switch of administrators. No system changes and no disruption to usage.
– As all providers should keep detailed records, we will utilise this information to ensure there is an easy handover.


We are an IT support company that delivers what it promises. When you switch to us, here’s what to expect:
– An expert team who work tirelessly to resolve issues and keep you informed at each step. We know that a great working relationship is essential to giving you the support you need.
– Top-of-the-range Helpdesk – An user-friendly client portal where any issues can be logged and tracked from start to finish. Logged issues are triaged by our dedicated team before being speedily resolved. No more staring at your screen waiting for something to be fixed.
– Professional Onboarding – A detailed handover plan centred on the needs of your business. We’ll ensure you’re not left without the vital systems you need to keep operations running.
– Rolling Contract – No obligation to stay with us for a contracted time. We’re confident that our service will speak for itself and will be the only consideration you need to stick around.
– Multiple communication channels – From our online portal to email and phone, we’re always available. Reporting an issue can be done quickly and easily, reducing the time to reach a resolution.
– High-Level Protection – We offer a wide range of tools that help protect your IT systems and keep your business running. This includes antivirus and antispam software as well as excellent broadband and wifi services. Additionally, we use ‘IT Glue’ which offers secure storage, providing high-level security for your records.

Get better, more reliable support – contact us to see how we can help your business.
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