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11 July 2019 | 6:41 pm

At last, Summer is here. That means holidays, barbecues, and moving late business meetings from the boardroom to sunlit beer gardens.

It also means people taking their eye off the ball and losing their prized possessions like laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

According to figures from Transport for London, two laptops are left on the underground every single day and over 180,000 mobile devices are reported lost or stolen.

We all rely so heavily on technology that losing a mobile phone can send even the most level headed person into a panic. And the GDPR is making the scenario a lot more complicated, time consuming and frightening.

Could your business survive if a few post work beers led to a high profile data disaster?

There are many solutions readily available to protect your data in the event a loss or theft device. For example built into Windows is a feature called “Bitlocker”. It can encrypt your hard drive so the data on the drive is not readable should it fall into the wrong hands. There are also some great solutions available which enable people to work but have no data stored on their machines, such as a VDI (Cloud Desktop), which are also great from a disaster recovery point of view too.