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11 October 2019 | 6:35 pm

With the demand for housing increasing we are seeing more and more offices being converted into homes.

Will this cause a problem for businesses in the coming years? Probably not. Because the way we are working is changing. More and more of us are enjoying the freedom to be able to work from anywhere. Easily and safely.

With the increasing demand of our modern work lives, we often find ourselves working outside of the traditional ‘core’ working hours anyway. It might just be a quick email reply; or updating that spreadsheet but if it stops it from buzzing it around our minds, so we can relax knowing its done, then why not? The trick is to make this an easy process whilst keeping you secure. If you had to amend a spreadsheet, which would take you all of 1 minute to complete, but in doing so the tasks surrounding that will take you 10-15 minutes, would you think twice? Lets paint the scenario‚Ķ Its late, you’ve just gone upstarts to get ready for bed, but you’ve got that niggly feeling that Brian, who has a meeting in the morning, is going to present a client some figures but you didn’t get a chance to update the numbers before you left the office. Its an easy process, just open the spread sheet and click the update button, but you’re the only one with permissions to do this. If you leave it until the morning, you may forget. Your laptop is downstairs. It takes ages to start and boot, then you’ve got to connect to the company VPN (and you’re not sure what the password is because you recently had to change it), then you’ve got browse and open the spreadsheet (Excel is also slow on your laptop), update the figures, save it, disconnect from the VPN, shut down the laptop and back up to bed. All that for peace of mind.

Instead, lets paint a scenario of how it should be. You go up to bed, remember you need to update the document. Pull out your smartphone, open the app, update the spreadsheet, close the app. Set your alarm, go to sleep.

Both scenarios were secure, both gave the same outcome, but the latter is much simpler.

Do your business users have the ability to access your systems quickly and conveniently. We are now able to spend time at home with our families, and still answer that important email at 9PM without causing too much disruption our of our home life. So is the traditional office dying? We can be as productive, and in some cases even more productive, working remotely than we ever were in the past, with the benefit and convenience of saving time and travel expenses.