Online Help
11 November 2019 | 6:34 pm

Everyone loves Joyce. She’s the lovely friendly lady who works on reception and you couldn’t wish for a more hard working, efficient or loyal employee.

Joyce loves her job and she’s good at it; she’s often praised for her attention to detail and in her ten years of service she’s never put a foot wrong.

Trouble is, next week Joyce is going to click on an email which looks totally genuine, but will send her to a website. This website will contact a “back door” which will automatically install on her computer and put your entire business at risk.

Joyce is not the only one.

60% of all cyber attacks come from inside organisations. Sometimes it’s down to staff acting deliberately, but in countless other cases it’s down to them unwittingly clicking on malicious links, just like poor Joyce.

It’s a horrible scenario that could so easily be avoided.

Now let’s replay the scene with a happier ending.

Joyce is now using a system managed by LiiT, so she already has all the right safety and security software on her computer. She was still targeted by the cyber attacker, but her computer identified the breach straight away, quarantined the email and alerted us. No harm done.